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"Spell-O-Matic by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media is a knock out trick! These guys know how to put out great magic and Spell-O-Matic proves that they have the secret formula to the special sauce under lock and key. I am coming back to this restaurant!" -Straight Talk Magic, Reviewer

Full Review Your spectator names ANY card and you instantly spell to it. Every time. Any card. Super easy to do, repeatable and you can even use the deck as your regular, everyday deck!

"Well, I am fooled. A self-working, any card named and spelled to? I don't understand how that's possible!" - Ryan Schlutz

"Usually spelling effects zone me out, but the way Liam has layered this effect makes it an absolute fooler! Extremely strong and very practical. Is he man or beast?!!!" - John Carey

"A totally baffling, super clean card miracle... It's ******* awesome mate!" - James Went

Based on an original idea by Hen Fetsch, the SPELL-O-MATIC is an astonishing piece of card magic.

Imagine having a spectator name ANY card, and you spell straight to it! Then, another spectator does the same, and you spell to that too!

Then you have both spectators 'create a card', one naming a suit at random, and another naming a value! BOOM! It turns up when you spell!

Finally, both spectators create a card again, but they don't even tell you their choices! One chooses a suit, one a value, and you drop the deck to the table. For the first time, both choices are named, and you spell it, from the table top, with no moves or sneaky stuff! AND THEIR CARD TURNS UP WHEN YOU SPELL IT!

Works with any number of freely thought-of cards! Easy to do - no sleight of hand! Perform it entirely in the hands! Perfect for walk around! No reset required! No Forces! A specially prepared Bicycle Deck packaged with full color pamphlet instructions, plus downloadable HD video instructions!

French language version. Features gimmicked deck set to work for French language spelling.


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