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Catalog » Magic Tricks » Fog & Fire » Smoke Watch PRO

In 2016 João Miranda invented the smoke watch, a truly revolutionary prop.

For the first time magicians could produce smoke sleeveless.

Since then it has been performed professionally both on TV and live shows by some of the world's best magicians.

Producing smoke enhances almost every magic effect, either for a sponge ball routine, a coin effect, or even a simple card transformation.

It easily adds that WOW factor and magical atmosphere that every magician NEEDS in their act.

After a worldwide sold out the smoke watch comes back, BETTER THAN EVER!

Programmable delay, wireless charging, internal battery, a brand-new intelligent circuit board or crown smoke activation are some of the new additions.


1 - I have the first smoke smart watch. Should I buy the Smoke Watch PRO?
The new smoke watch is superior in design, performance and comfort.
It really is much more improved because during the last 4 years we have been closely listening to the feedback of our customers and since we are never fully satisfied with our inventions we always strive to improve and achieve as much perfection as possible. So...yes!

2 - Does the new smoke watch pro gives time?
Our goal was to create a thin and modern watch that didn't raise any unnecessary attention.
If we made it to give time it would increase the thickness of the watch considerably and the watch unsuspicious look is something we didn't wanted to abdicate.

3 - With a fully charged battery how many puffs of smoke can I produce?
Around 25 puffs of smoke.

4 - How much time does it take to charge the battery?
Just under 2.5 hours.

5 - How do I know when the battery needs to be charged?
The circuit board of the smoke watch pro is intelligent and doesn't allow you to totally discharge the battery.
When the battery reaches a low energy state the watch vibrates 3 times in a row, alerting you it's time to charge the battery.

6 - Does refilling the watch takes too much time?
Actually, refilling the watch takes just 3 seconds. You just need to apply a little bit of the included liquid directly into the coil. It's very easy, convenient and fast.

7 - One drop of liquid is enough for how many smoke productions?
Between 3-5.


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