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Catalog » Cinema Items » Air Squib » Big Shot Air Squib
The Air Squib™ allows you to simulate a bullet hit blood effect in actors in a safe, economic and portable way

This unit is a beefier version, resulting in a bigger "hit" of about four times the amount of blood expelled - and twice the diameter of the "hole". (This unit has an approximate Ø 20 mm hit - equivalent to Ø 3/4 inch circle.) A complete kit with radio control transmitter, receiver, air pump, manual liquid pump for "pulsating wounds", five oversized nozzles, double sided tapes etc....

The kit is packed in a nice foam-lined case. Just add fake blood. Using this unit, you will be able to rig hundreds of body hits at a very low cost.

These are some of the advantages:
No need for expensive professional special effects people. Rig the squib yourself to look just like a movie effect.
Quick, simple and intuitive to rig.
You do not need an explosives licence. No need to use heavy storage containers. No need for stand-by nurses.
Very silent - great for ”scared actors” or jittery animals afraid of loud noises. (Was once used to rig a blood hit on a wolf!) This quiet action also means you will not have to hand out dozens of ear-plugs to a crew anymore! (Add sound effects in post-production.)
Minimal weight on the shirt means it’s easier than ever for you to hide the hit on the shirt. You will look like a pro!
The squib shoots blood between the fibers of the shirt - meaning that clothes are unharmed and can be reused after washing. You will gain respect by creating a bloody squib effect without damaging the shirt. Imagine how happy the producers will be if you are doing a 50 performance theatre production!
For the first time, you can ”shoot” people at re-enactments - and you won’t damage their precious costumes (well, they have to be washed...).
The air squib will allow you to create smokey hits, dust hits, blood hits or pulsating blood wounds. One unit will transform you into a one-man army, creating all the hits a director could need.
Developed by a professional special effects technician.
Manufactured from industrial-grade components of the highest quality. Recessed buttons, impact resistant ABS plastic, industrial grade electronics, metal air tank and simply good quality!
Powered with regular air. No poisonuos lead fumes as when using an exploding squib.


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