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Catalog » Balloons » Balloons Soccer » Soccer Balloon

Soccer Balloon

Presentation :

1 aluminium balloon - packed
With valve = automatic closing

Technical Characteristics:

Size : 22″ ( 56cm )
Gas content : 0.04 m3
Raised weight if inflated with helium : 20g
flotation duration without Hi-Float : air = 1 month / helium = 15 days and more with back folds.

/! CAUTION : Do not leave within reach of young children.

Tarification :

Item Price : 3,50 euros ht so 4,20 euros ttc

Qualatex Bubbles

Bubble balloons are made of stretch plastic. They are so unusual and their visual impact is so great that they are a category of products in their own right. With their seams as thin and soft as those of a beach ball, they have a perfect appearance regardless of the angle from which one looks at them. They are packaged with a wipe that holds the moisture of the material.
Do not take out the balloons until you inflate. They are hypoallergenic (a plus for gift shops in hospitals) and they do not oxidize. Their flotation time is measured in weeks rather than days:
15 & # 8243; : 7-10 days; 20 & # 8243; : 7-10 days; 22 & # 8243; : 2-4 weeks; 24 & # 8243; : 3-5 weeks.

There are four types of Bubbles:
- Single Bubble: These balloons are simple, elegant and decorated with translucent 3D patterns, beautiful regardless of the angle from which one looks at them. They have a self-closing valve and are pre-equipped with ribbon. They inflate with an inflator tip for latex balloons. The inflation is correct when the "wrinkles" disappear. Read the inflation instructions on the package carefully. - Double Bubble: Thanks to their translucent texture that does not oxidize, they reveal the inner forms - a magical attraction in any installation. They are equipped with a self-closing valve and are pre-fitted with ribbons. The inflation is done in three stages: Inflate very slightly with helium by the valve A, then completely inflate the valve B by using a regulator with automatic cutoff. Finish by fully inflating valve A using a latex balloon regulator. Read the inflation instructions carefully on the packaging.

- Deco Bubble: They do not have a self-closing valve since they are intended to receive latex balloons which makes them perfect balloons to let the imagination of balloon professionals. You can do double bubbles, united or "gumballs". Printed Deco Bubbles give you even more creativity. Once filled and fully inflated, they must be tied with a knot of fisherman whose explanations appear on the package. Read the inflation instructions on the package carefully. - Mini Bubble Air: sold by 10, these small bubbles 12 "inflate in the air and are perfect for a distribution on stem.They do not have an automatic valve, so you have to solder them.


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