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Catalog » Balloons » Balloons Fish » Super Sea Star

Starfish Balloon


1 Aluminium Balloon - Packed
With Valve = Automatic closing

Technical Characteristics

Size : 30″ ( 76cm )
Raised weight if inflated with helium: 17.70g
flotation duration : Air = 1 month / Helium = 15 to 25 days
Conservation in pocket : in the shelter of light and strong temperature variations : in the shelter of light and strong temperature variations : 5 years and more

/! CAUTION : do not leave within reach of young children.

Tarification :

Item Price: 3,95 euros ht so 4,75 euros ttc

Qualatex Aluminium Balloons

Often referred to as aluminum or metal balloons, they are made from a bi-axial nylon impregnated with aluminum on the outer face to retain fine gas molecules. The inner face is plasticized with a polyethylene to allow a heat seal. It is then cut into a balloon shape and heat welded around. Thanks to their composition, foil balloons are less porous than latex balloons and therefore remain inflated much longer. They are not biodegradable.
As a professional artist there are rules to follow when using foil balloons. These rules are better known as: "The California Law":
These rules are justified by the fact that the foil balloons are not biodegradable and that their metal surface makes them conductive, which could create problems if they meet power lines.


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