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Catalog » Balloons » Hi Float » Hi Float 96 Oz

Ultra Hi Float

Presentation :

Coating allowing a better maintenance of the helium in the balloons
With Ultra Hi-Float you can increase the flotation time of latex balloons filled with helium up to 25 times!
An adde value to satisfy your clients

Technical Characteristics :

Bidon of 2.84L
Can treat about 567 balloons 11″

/! CAUTION: Do not leave within the reach of young children

Tarification :

Item price : 47,50 euros ht so 57 euros ttc

Ultra Hi-Float is a trademark of Hi-Float Co., located in Louisville, KY, USA. Ultra-Hi-float is an aqueous solution containing a water-soluble plastic particle. It dries inside the latex balloon to form a coating that helps maintain helium. For ideal conditions, Ultra Hi Float should be used indoors. The floating time will be less outside and varies considerably depending on humidity, temperature and altitude. Balloons usually float half as long in summer than in winter.


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