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Catalog » -- HIRING -- » Fire Stage Projector » MFX STAGE FLAM
The new MAGICFX® Stage Flame is the flame system of today! The Stage Flame allows the user to use aerosol cannisters or propane gas from a gas bottle. With a 500g aerosol cannister you can produce 200 flames! The ouptput of standard Flames (with an aerosol can or propane gas) is approx. 4m. high. The Stage Flame also has a big-flame mode for flames up to 8m. The Stage Flame is DMX controllable, designed for professional use and equiped with only high quality European components for maximum safety. The on board DMX module uses two DMX addresses, one safety address and one fire address. The big-flame mode uses 3 DMX addresses to design creative shows with standard flames and big flames. The Stage Flame contains 2 red led's to warn the artist on stage. The Stage Flame is also equiped with an infrared sensor and a flame detection system for maximum safety!
Size : 36x31x21 cm
Weight : 11.5 kg
Voltage : 230 V
Power : 100 W
Service : DMX
Output : 4-8 m

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