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Catalog » Bubbles » Accessories » Professional Bubbleology
Calling all Bubbleologists! This Professional Bubbleology Kit (from well known bubble experts, Uncle Bubble) was made for all-around Bubbleology! Your audience will be amazed by the enormous bubbles and bubble sculptures you can produce using the tools and ingredients in this kit. This amazing kit comes with:

The Uncle Bubble Junior Bubbleologist Kit - Creating a bubble volcano, a bubble carousel and other fantastic sculptures is so easy with this Junior Kit.

The Uncle Bubble Bouncing Bubble Kit - Mastering bubbles with only your hands? It is not only possible, but it is also a lot of fun with this clever kit! (Includes two different sized gloves for small and big hands).

The Uncle Bubble Foam Blower - Have you ever seen a foamy snake? Don't be scared, it is harmless! You can make foam snakes, foam snow - even foam juggling balls with this clever foam trumpet tool.

The Uncle Bubble Mega-Loop - Ask your friends if they have ever dreamt of being inside a giant bubble, at least once. Our guess is they will say yes! You can now make their dreams come true! Well-loved by children and adults of all ages, this mega-loop will make someone smile everytime they're inside a bubble. You can also use the Mega-Loop to create giant bubble doughnuts and sausages

Uncle Bubble Sword - This sword has a secret! By pushing a button your blade will expand and you will be able to create wonderful bubbles with a swish of your sword! Of course, you can use it to chop your bubbles afterwards!

Uncle Bubble Highly Concentrated Solution - Your tools are all set. But what's the secret of a professional bubbleologist? The bubble solution, of course. Uncle Bubble developed this brilliant recipe to help you achieve perfection in your bubble tricks. This kit includes enough concentrate to make nearly 10 litres of incredible liquid. Enough to put between 300-500 people in bubbles, as well as practising and performing all your other bubble tricks.


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