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Catalog » BLOW OUT » Catalepsy On Chairs
You have, face to face on scene, 2 chairs similar to traditional garden chairs. A board draped by a cover rests on 2 files. You invite a spectator to go to bed on the board and l wrap in the cover.
You remove successively the board, then the chair on which the feet of the spectator rested !
And in the big surprise of all, the spectator is maintained in catalepsy, only his nape of the neck rests on the file of the chair.

- This illusion can be presented completely surrounded, no angles to be hidden.
- You can present it with a partner or a person of the public, no necessary preparation, no secret to be revealed.
- The chair can support a person of 70/75 kg.

well-kept Manufacturing, wooden chairs and metal. Chairs are folding, the whole can find accommodation in a car trunk. Delivered with the cover.


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